National Seminar NSPCA

21 July 2011

09.00 – 14.00

At Bale Rumawat, Unpad Dipati Ukur

Keynote speaker:

H. Dede Yusuf*


–          Yayasan Pengembangan Biosains dan Bioteknologi  Bandung (YPBB-Bandung)

–          Muhammad Bijaksana Junerasano (Greeneration Indonesia)

–          Khilda Baiti Rohman (Environmental Activist)



–          Pre sale at Car Free Day Dago: IDR 30.000

–          Via SMS: name_institution_NPM(if you are student) sent to CP: IDR 50.000

–          On the spot: IDR 60.000

Contact Person:

–          Lika (085722128790) or Anisa (08989376062)

–          Email:

–          Twitter: @nspca_spirit2


Environment Week of NSPCA

Date : 20- 25 July 2011

Place : Padjadjaran University


–          National Seminar “Youth in Green Attitude for Climate Change

–          Excursion to “Desa Mandiri Energi Haurngombong Sumedang & Cibangkong Bandung”

–          Campaign at Car Free Day Bandung

–          Cultural trip “Ngaleut” in Bandung old town

Fee: 200.000 IDR

(Only for 20 Participant)

Facilities during activities:

– free ticket for national seminar

– transportation

– consumption

– free hostelry

beside you can get amazing holiday in here, you can also get knowledge and many friends from a lot of university  in Indonesia.

How to Join NSPCA?

Want to join NSPCA?
Follow this steps!

1. Write your paper, each team 2-3 person
   Theme of paper:"Climate Change: How agriculture can face it?"
   Sub-theme that you can choice:
	1. Renewable energy
	2. Plant production
	3. Water and soil conservation
	4. Plant protection
	5. Biotechnology
	6. Social economic
	7. Forestry
	8. Animal Science
   For guideline and more information about paper, click here
2. Registration
   1) Fulfill the registration form (Click Registration Form NSPCA)
   3) Attach another provision (Click here to see)
   2) Payment
      You may transfer 150.000 IDR to Alga Delima Putra
      through Bank BNI Syariah 0143317629
3. Send your paper
   You can send your paper to
   with subject name of author_title
   (don't forget form and attach files)
4. If you are the best 20, you must presentation your paper in nspca day. 
   NSPCA Day will be held in:
   Date  : 20 - 25 July 2011
   Place : Padjadjaran Univesity (Unpad) Jatinangor
5. The winner will announce when NSPCA day
6. If you need more information, you can ask us in:
   Twitter  : @nspca_spirit2
   Grup FB  : NSPCA
   Contact Person (SMS Only): - Lika (085722128790)
                              - Annisa (08989376062)


Award for NSPCA

1.  Three winners will receive

– Charter Award

– Cash for

Winner: Rp1.500.000-

Runner up: Rp1.000.000-

Third Place: Rp7500.000-,

2.  All participant get a charter and souvenirs

3.  Get a lot of Experience in Bandung and Universitas Padjadjaran


– The work of the winner will become the property committee

– The judge’s decision can not be contested.



1. Typed manuscript at least 15 pages and a maximum of 20 pages. The number of pages that are not in accordance with the provisions of the page to reduce the assessment.

2. English language used should be standard, simple, clear, single unit, and give priority to an easily understandable terms.

3. Essays must be original work of the participant, not a translation or taking ideas from other people’s work.

4. Participants may menngirim more than one sub-theme

5. The essay has not been published in mass media (print atauelektronik), has never won the other race, and not being included in the other race on the holding period of this contest.


To download terms of writting click here: IAAS NSPCA Guideline2011